Some say gun violence should be a debate topic

Isaiah Robinson, Cory Cyriaque, Akilah Gray-Brooks

Contributing Writers

With the recent mass shootings, particularly in Texas, many in the university community want the candidates to put politics aside and focus on humanity and safety.

The ten candidates who will be participating in the ABC News sponsored debate will be Amy Klobuchar, Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Andrew Yang, Beto O’Rourke and lastly, Julián Castro.

TSU’s political scientist, Dr. Michael Adams, said that gun violence and gun control should be focal points at the upcoming debate.

“It will be one of the questions that needs to be addressed,” Adams said. “Gun violence should be framed as a public health issue not only in the presidential election, but in elections at all levels of government—federal, state and local.”

In the past six months, America has dealt with six mass shootings (Gilroy, CA, Odessa, Texas, Dayton, OH, Aurora, Ill, Virginia Beach, VA, El Paso, Texas) with two of them happening here in Texas.

TSU student and history major Bria Banks said that the students on campus are troubled and feel unsafe in today’s society because of the increase in gun violence and believes that something needs to be done nationally.

“It’s pretty scary to bring kids into this world and send them off to school knowing in the back of their mind that it could be a mass shooting at their child’s school,” said Banks.

Tenneh Passawe echoed Banks’ sentiments.

“If you are president, how would you be able to bring both parties together to build trust so that there can be resolutions to gun violence?” said Passawe.

This will be the first time a Democratic primary debate, hosted by a television network, will be held at TSU.

As all America prepares themselves for the highly anticipated Democratic debate, the people of TSU look forward to hearing from all the candidates as they each try to solidify their spots in the hearts of the faculty and students of TSU and the citizens of the United States.