Views of a Non-Traditional Student

When I transferred to Texas Southern University last Fall, sometimes I wondered how I would fit in as a nontraditional student. By non-traditional I mean I do not live on campus and I’m a little older.

My first semester, I did not leave the MLK building until I got comfortable enough to, and even then I only left to get food from the second floor of the Student center.

On my way back to the MLK building I noticed flyers posted near the stairs and on the bulletins around campus. The flyers were all very interesting and some I saw just after the event had passed. I couldn’t help but wonder why the events were not advertised sooner. I started to follow a few of TSU’s social media accounts just make sure I wouldn’t miss out.

A few weeks ago I was browsing through a classmates’ Instagram Story and saw there was a talent show that took place on campus. I don’t recall seeing any posters on the wall, flyers on Instagram, or being randomly airdropped a graphic. I don’t recall anyone talking about the event, but from the looks of Snapchat, the event was lit!

Again, I couldn’t help but wonder about other events that other non-traditional students may miss out on. I asked around and it seemed to be a TSU norm to not know about activities, or finding out about helpful events minutes before the start time.

Learning that information helped me stop feeling alone and in the dark, however, being left in the dark with my schoolmates has to change. I mean, after all, we are all Tigers and should all have access to the same information in a timely manner, regardless of what happens outside of campus.

I propose that all of us reading this, myself included, should come together to become the nose of everything happening at TSU, not limited to the Communications department but the entire campus.