The Most Controversial & Worst Super Bowl Ever?

By Makayla Molock

Super Bowl LIII may go down in history as the worst Super Bowl ever.

Despite all the controversy leading up to the game, Super Bowl 2019 was the lowest rated Super Bowl in the last decade. Many people are calling America’s most watch and highly beloved event of the year a “snoozer.”

(Photo: Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images)

“The worst game I’ve ever been to! No offense. No offense, man!” said comedian Steve Harvey as he gave his thoughts after the game.

Other than the Super Bowl being described as a bore, there were other reasons for the low ratings this year.

Multiple controversies appeared and played a part in why people did not tune in for the game.  From marches to boycotts to celebrities being cancelled left and right, there was definitely more action going on off the field then on.

On Super Bowl Sunday, thousands of New Orleans Saint fans marched through the streets of New Orleans to protest the Rams being in the Super Bowl. Fans were not happy with a specific call during the Rams vs Saints game which led the Rams winning and advancing to the Super Bowl.

Many people were also “standing with Kap” as they boycotted the NFL to stand up to racial discrimination and police brutality.

Even with all the controversy people still had many reasons to watch the Super Bowl this year. There was a lot of potential history surrounding the game with Tom Brady going after his sixth championship and Sean McVay having a chance of being the youngest Coach to win a Super Bowl.

The game started off with performances from Beyoncé’s artists Chloe and Halle and the legendary Gladys Knight, who sung the national anthem. Although the performers received backlash and threatened to be “cancelled” on social media, the performances received great reviews.

Once the first half of the game began, fans anticipated it would be a very exciting game. Unfortunately, the excitement quickly died down as it took nearly 20 mins for the game’s first score. Additionally, both teams were off to terrible start offensively.

When Tom Brady attempted his first pass it was intercepted by Rams’ linebacker Cory Littleton. Patriots took the ball inside the Rams’ 35 on the first two trips but were unable to score from the Rams’ stellar defense.

Patriots’ kicker Stephen Gostkowski missed his first attempt of the game (from 46 yards) but in the second quarter he was able to get the Patriots’ only points in the first half to put Patriots in front going into halftime.

With the half coming to a close, the Rams had only 57 total yards,six punts and Jared Goff, the Rams’ quarterback, not looking his best after being sacked four times. The half ended with Patriots up 3-0, causing the half to be the second lowest scoring first half in Super Bowl history.

Adam Levine took the stage with his band Maroon 5 for the Halftime show. Levine and Maroon 5 have been receiving criticism since their announcement to perform for the Super Bowl for a variety of reasons, mostly being that they are an all-white group performing in Atlanta, a city known for its contributions to hip hop and black popular culture.

Despite many performers rejecting to perform for the NFL in order to stand in support with Kaepernick, Maroon 5, Travis Scott and Big Boy decided to take the offer.

Along with the game, fans were not pleased with the halftime performance as it grew to be increasingly boring. People were unhappy with the lack of creativity, the teasing of SpongeBob and even Levine showing his chest, referencing Janet Jackson being blackballed in 2004 for doing the same thing.

After the not so pleasing halftime, according to social media, the second half opened back up with quite a few punts from each team. The Rams managed to get some points on the board late in the 3rd quarter with a 53-yard field goal by Greg Zuerlein, tying the game at 3-3 on.

In the 4th quarter, Patriots were able to get the first and only touchdown of the game and Gostkowski kicked a 41-yard field goal with 1:12 to go, pushing the Patriots’ lead to 10 points. Patriots were able to hold the lead and secure the win, giving Tom Brady his sixth championship, giving him the most Super Bowl rings of any player in the NFL.