New library set to open fall 2019

Jasmine Gershanov
Contributing Writer
December 2018

Texas Southern University is taking the next step towards the future and advancement of the university.

Coming Fall 2019 students and community members will be able to walk through the doors of the new state of the art library on campus.

“We want it to be a beacon to help bring students and community members in a place where they can feel welcome and get access to resources,” Wardell Ross Jr, Project Manager for Moody Nolan Architects. “It’s a place that will inspire learning.”

Everyone from students, faculty, administration, and members of the community have played a role in bringing the new library into the 21st century.

Students will have access to study rooms, collaborative group rooms, updated technology to help with projects and assignments, and a cafe.

The four story library is designed to be a place to escape, gather your thoughts, or hunker down with no distractions to prepare for that grueling final.

“A library is full of things that help with possibilities,” said Ross.

The library will have natural lighting with windows made out of electrochromic glass. Also known as “Smart Glass” the windows block UV rays while allowing light to come in.

A skylight will open up a four story atrium where a presentation staircase will be located on the first floor with chairs and places to study on the upper floors that look down in the atrium.

“Nobody comes to this project without having a lot of passion,” Ross said.

The Honor’s College will be located in the new library facility; as well as, the Board of Regents office, IT, a museum, special collections, and multi-purpose rooms.

“We hope to show the pride in what TSU has been and what it continues to become and make sure this building supports that,” said Ross.

Turner construction paired up with the Moody Nolan Architect Firm to create the library and help bring this vision to life.

The Moody Nolan Architect Firm is the largest known Black owned architect firm in the country and has designed buildings on over 142 college campuses.

“We have a very good understanding of what the dynamics of different college campuses are,” said Ross.

Moody Nolan also designed the new Jack Yates High School across the street from TSU.

The budget for the library is less that Jack Yates High School costing $60 million.

In 2016 a vision was put into action. As the questions were asked and the functionality was detailed everyone got to work.

As the project is nearing the end many people are excited to unveil the new beacon in the Third Ward community.

“A lot of things come to this point,” Ross said, “I’m excited to see how it will be used.”

As construction continues and the noise resonates throughout the neighborhood, people will witness a beacon being built.