Unpopular opinion

Written by Tamerras Leonard
Contributing Writer

The general public was sent into an uproar when Nike unveiled an advertisement of Colin Kaepernick with the caption “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything” written across the former Super Bowl contending quarterback’s face.

The reaction associated with Kaepernick’s advertisement embodies the culture within America.

Real issues are continuously lost in translation and advocacy for minority rights are associated with hostility.

They tell us to “be angry… but not like that,” despite Kaepernick’s effort to protest peacefully, he is portrayed as the bad guy.

Nike’s advertisement was supposed to be a symbol of unification against an unjust system, but it was misconstrued for bigotry. Yet another example of America missing the bigger picture.

“I feel America is utilizing military as a scapegoat to pursue their racist narratives,” said retired veteran, Crystina Rubio.

At any other given moment, kneeling symbolizes respect coupled with etiquette; yet, this circumstance is labeled as “disrespect to the flag.”

Kaepernick drew attention to the foundation of this country, which is the bones of the oppressed, resulting in the discomfort of the non-oppressed.

However, lasting impacts cannot be birthed without opposition; people who are a catalyst for change recognize the beauty of metamorphism in its discomfort.

In short, sometimes the unpopular opinion is the best one. And I will happily proclaim, I am with you Colin Kaepernick.