Hot on the campaign trail

By Jasmine Gershanov
Contributing Writer

With less than two months left until the midterm elections the campaign trail is hot.

Potential Democratic Presidential candidate, Cory Booker, visited Houston to help bring attention to Houston Democratic midterm candidates and inspire voters.

“If young people voted at 50% or 60% they would literally transform this nation in one election,” said Booker.

In past elections the youth vote has been as low as 16%, preventing the voice of youth to be heard.

Each campaign makes a point to identify its supporters, non supporters, and people who don’t identify with a candidate.

Campaigns will organize block walks, phone banking, and organize rallies to bring people to the polls.

“We have so much momentum and an incredible team,” said Lizzie Fletcher, 7th Congressional District Democratic candidate, “it’s not just me but we have a team effort and we are working every single day.”

Booker and Fletcher both encouraged college students and youth to get out, get involved, and vote.