Are we ready to heal our culture? Mac Miller dies at 26

By Ashleigh Vernon-Lugo
Contributing Writer
October 2018

Shockwaves pulsed through the hip-hop community at the news of artist Mac Miller’s unexpected passing.

The 26-year-old Pittsburgh native, born Malcolm McCormick, was found dead in his Studio City, CA apartment late Friday morning after a suspected drug overdose.

A coroner officially stated Miller’s cause of death was due to a drug overdose.

Miller’s death has sparked conversation within the entertainment community about how to better help its members struggling with the challenges of mental illness and sobriety.

Miller, with his kind nature and musical genius, was never shy about sharing his struggles with drug dependence and depression.

“Dealing with these demons, feel the pressure,” said Miller in his song The Star Room, “all these backfires of my experiments with drugs.”

Whether in interviews, his MTV2 reality show, or through his artwork, Miller allowed others a chance to take a peek inside his troubled yet, colorful world.

He gives an exceptionally personal take on his challenges, victories, and lessons of acceptance on his fifth studio album in August 2018 titled Swimming.

“Sometimes I wish I took a simpler route instead of havin’ demons that’s as big as my house,” said Miller in his song 2009.

Miller was able to be forthcoming about his struggles, it wasn’t enough to save his life.

Miller left the door open for dialogue on how this can be prevented from ever happening again.

There is a long history of music artists succumbing to the diseases of mental health and addiction, it leaves one to wonder if people are ready to heal the American culture or just wait until someone else becomes a trending topic.

Author: Herald Staff