Unpopular opinion

Written by Tamerras Leonard Contributing Writer The general public was sent into an uproar when Nike unveiled an advertisement of Colin Kaepernick with the caption “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything” written across the former Super Bowl contending quarterback’s face. The reaction associated with Kaepernick’s advertisement embodies the culture within America. Real issues are continuously lost in translation and advocacy for minority … Continue reading Unpopular opinion

Hot on the campaign trail

By Jasmine Gershanov Contributing Writer With less than two months left until the midterm elections the campaign trail is hot. Potential Democratic Presidential candidate, Cory Booker, visited Houston to help bring attention to Houston Democratic midterm candidates and inspire voters. “If young people voted at 50% or 60% they would literally transform this nation in one election,” said Booker. In past elections the youth vote … Continue reading Hot on the campaign trail

One-of-a-kind program taught at TSU

Jasmine Gershanov Contributing Writer Men and women have come together at Texas Southern University to help reform the criminal justice system. Seven men and women have been selected to participate in the Anthony Graves Smart Justice Speakers Bureau to learn how to speak in front of lawmakers, the press, and TV Shows. “We have to go back to our winning attitude, our winning nature,” said … Continue reading One-of-a-kind program taught at TSU